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Assam govt withdraws free services to covid patients

Amid the prevailing corona virus , the government of Assam has decided to withdraw the services that were given to the covid patients. As the government says that it has no more money to maintain these expenses. The health and finance minister said on Saturday.

“While fighting COVID-19 pandemic in Assam, our revenues or resources are slowly getting stressed … If it continues till October-November, then it will be difficult for us,” he said.

“We will also not be giving free vehicle drops to a patient after he or she is discharged. He or she has to arrange it. However, for inter-district movement of patients after release, we will continue to arrange their transport,” he added.

“We made a calculation that till yesterday we had one lakh patients. If the patients are staying in a government hospital for 10 days, that means it will be 10 lakh in headcount. If we are spending Rs 500 per day, then it becomes a Rs 500 crore affair. We have done 20 lakh tests and if we have spent Rs 1,000 approximately in each then it is a Rs 200 crore affair … The state government can definitely not handle such a huge burden. So, a time may come when we will be able to look after only the poor patients. However, today that situation has not come yet,” the minister said.

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