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DEMOCRACY- Definition, types, origin, advantages.

Democracy is the form of government where people have the rights to choose their governing legislation.

They are mainly two types; direct democracy and representative democracy. Direct democracy was the type which was followed when democracy was originated, here the  people directly deliberate and decide on legislature. Today’s democracy system is of the Representative, where people elect representative to deliberate and decide on legislature.


It was first introduced in Athens 508 BC. During this time of democracy only men had the right to vote. Women,slaves or foreigners did not have the privilege of voting. democracy was actually termed as demokratia in Greek, where ‘demo’ meant ‘people’ and ‘kratia’ meant rules ;thus the meaning “people’s rule”.

In today’s system; representative elected by the people has the power of final decision making.The election conducted is free and fair . Only those who are 18 years and above have the right to vote regardless of gender, caste, religion.The elected body should rule within the limits of constitutional laws and citizen’s rights such as equality, freedom, speech, religion,, education.

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