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What is cyber crime? The criminal activities committed using a computer especially to illegally access, transmit or manipulate data.

how do we save ourselves from such crimes?

  • make sure your account has a strong password it should contain different characters.
  • keep your software updated.
  • back up your files regularly. if the worst happens you can easily restore the lost files.
  • secure your home network with a strong passwords and VPN.
  • always keep your financial details private.
  • if you think you have become a victim of cyber crime. you need to alert the local police.
  • give information about internet and its risks to your family and friends .
  • change your password once a month.
  • when browsing a site check if it is secured.
  • do not disclose your important details.
  • do not click on links which you did not expect to receive.
  • use different password for all accounts. there are chances if one account gets hacked the other can also get hacked if it has same password.
  • if you have doubts about some unknown account immediately block and report that account.
  • ignore pop-ups.
  • privatize all your social media accounts.


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