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Twishchat – the Indian chatting and video calling application.

With the technologically developed world, virtual connection become an integral part of life. Social media and chatting applications have made things simpler. In this fast-moving world going and meeting people physically becomes difficult. This technology is keeping is connected. Several chatting applications have gained popularity over recent years.

This chat is a user-friendly chatting application with a change for the better. With its extremely simple application and helps people connect with each other smoothly. This app can be downloaded by 151 countries and can be used without VPN in Gulf countries. Some other App can’t be used in Gulf countries, however, Twishchat is available even there.

There are a lot of special features that make Twishchat stand out.

• It’s free of cost :
The app doesn’t have hidden charges and doesn’t ask for a subscription. This is a free chatting and video calling application with technologically advanced features. This can be used for Sharing videos, documents, photos, voice messages, etc. This only uses the mobile data for this.

• Multimedia supporting app :
The photo, video, or voice messages can be easily downloaded and is stored on the phone immediately for easy access.

• High-quality audio :
While most apps take 4 – 5 seconds to deliver voice notes, Twishchat is faster and smoother. It gives a local phone call vibe. This can also be used as an audio calling one thus saving money on monthly plans.

• Group Calls and Chats :
Twishchat offers a video call service for up to 17 people. You can connect to anyone around the globe be it for a personal occasion or for a business meeting.

• No international charges :
Apart from the data consumption, no other charges are made for international calls and messages.

• No username and password required :
While remembering a password can be difficult at times, Twishchat takes away that confusion. It doesn’t require password and login details every time you use it. It is just a click away.

• Keep track of your contacts :
This chat doesn’t need a separate contact list. It takes in the phone’s contacts directly. All the contacts can be accessed seamlessly.

• You always stay logged in :
This Indian chatting application always keeps you logged in. This video calling one makes things easier and more accessible for the users.

• No advertisements :
The most annoying part of using an app can be the popping up advertisements. No more problems now. Twishchat forum doesn’t disrupt your texting or calling.

• 24×7 support team :
They are always there to answer your queries and help you have an amazing user experience. Around the clock, they are there to provide a pleasant experience.

• Offline messaging :
With the internet connection failing a lot of times, it becomes difficult to contact a person in case of urgency. This chat provides a perfect solution for that as well. If the network isn’t there, the receiver gets notified about your message through SMS and can contact you immediately. This is surely an exceptional feature.

• Protects your data and privacy :
This application provides protection and privacy to all your data. It keeps your data safe from hackers.

• Additional features :
Twishchat is and Indian chatting and video calling application. Apart from the significant features, it has much more to add. It helps share location, exchange contacts, set custom wallpaper and notification sounds, email chat history, broadcast messages to multiple contacts, and much more. This is truly a versatile application with a thoughtful design.

Indian chatting and video calling applications is an extraordinary one to help people connect with each other. Several users have shared about their user experience. They find this application convenient and easy to use. Why use some other countries’ applications while our own ones can provide much better services. This has a lot of remarkable features that several currently used ones lack. With a user-friendly design and technologically advanced features this application would be a perfect choice. Do download and enjoy the exceptional features.



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