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WHO says , people exposed to covid , without symptoms should be tested for the virus

Amid the on-going scenario of pandemic the guidelines are release by WHO. The world health organisation says that people who have been exposed to novel corona virus , should must be tested for the virus , even if no symptoms are seen in the body of person.

The experts released that “Our recommendations are to test suspect cases, and we have definitions for those.
We have definitions of contacts, and who contacts are of confirmed cases, and make recommendations that contacts, if feasible, should be tested regardless of the development of symptoms”.

“The focus, though, is on those that do develop symptoms.”

‘It absorbs huge amounts of resources, So we need to focus on testing the right individuals, we need to focus on maximizing the testing in the clusters, and we need to focus on the quality of the testing, and the speed of the turnaround.’ The head of WHO’s emergency programme ,Mike Ryan said.

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